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Calculating your macronutrients and BMR (callories) contribute to changes required for your desired goals. However, Tracking these are NOT for everyone and not always neccessary. I aim to gain an understanding of you, your habits and your mental health to ensure we do not challange any of these, as it can result with a negative impact. There are alternative ways to make changes and track progress with myself. We will find the most approraite way for you. Nutrition guidence isnt one size fits all. Whilst there are FACTS that we shouldnt ignore, we should also be taking into concideration your lifestyle, current fitness level, exercise frequencey, budget ect all impact someones nutritional health. We can identify your strong and weak points and focus on creating a healthy balance. 

Tailored Nutritional Guidance

What is Tailored Nutritional Guidance? It is specifc for you and your needs. Adjusted nutrtion guidence, added informtion to reflect your needs and your lifestyle. These could include but not limited to; Meal ideas ie Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Homemade snacks, prepackaged snacks, gluten free meals, vegan meals, fake-away meals. Batch cook meals, slow cooker meals. Healthy alternatives. Portion size guidance. sample meal plans.

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GWTF NT Guidance Pack

My GWTF NT guidence pack has quick references and facts for someone who is looking to enrich their nutrition. It includes sources of proteins, help on portion sizes, how to eat your 5 a day. I also include some of my favourite most frequently asked for recipe ideas. 

Already a healthy tracker? You track your calories or macro intake with GWTF app or link the likes of MyFitness Pal. Find out more here